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Exhibition (Miami Project 2015)

Added on by Gina De Naia.

I am pleased to announce that one of my works, RING ICON IDEA/L No.4, is currently on view during Miami Project 2015 as part of a group exhibit showcasing the best photographic works of recent SVA BFA Photography alumni.


This work shown is part of a series of sixteen large format images of diamond engagement rings called RING ICON IDEA/L. These images started as tiny photographs accompanying the constant cascade of side ads on Facebook. As a female in my early thirties, aggressively targeted as such by Facebook, I started noticing those images of engagement rings—glittering distracting shiny objects that are supposed to be objects/ideals of my desire. Eventually I became haunted by these loaded symbols promising love, happiness, stability. 

The Rings are a processed-based series. First, I made screenshots of the entire Facebook page the ads appeared on. Then, I cropped just the ring and blew up the digital PNG file so that each pixel would be equal to about half an inch square. Finally, each ring was printed on simple large format bond paper. Each print averages about 32” to 40” wide. They seem coherent visually from a distance but break down under close viewing. The cheapness of the bond paper parallels and exaggerates the “poor” pixilated image.